Daughter of the Land - 2oz Face & Body Oil

Daughter of the Land - 2oz Face & Body Oil

A luxurious multi-functional oil developed to be the only oil you need for face, body, and hair care. Formulated with ingredients that focus on the unique needs of facial care, and the versatility for body + hair care. The Oil is especially great for those with sensitive skin, using just beautiful rose de mai extract for scent (and zero essential oils). This oil is perfect for: everyday-all over use, gifting to a loved one, and for travel!


This oil includes clinically proven, organic ingredients: rosehip, turmeric and sea buckthorn, all focused on healing, brightening the skin and boosting collagen production. The rose de mai extract is for its heart-opening, beautiful aroma, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Rose garden, delicate herbaceous notes, sweet, calming. 


Rosehip Oil 1, Sunflower Oil 1, Avocado Oil 1,2, Rose de Mai 1, Sea Buckthorn Oil 1,2 Rosehip Extract 1, Turmeric Extract 1


Face - Apply dropperful to moist, clean face and neck.

Body - Massage on the body.

Hair - Apply 2-3 drops to ends or frizz


100% Organic - Certified Fair Trade - Cruelty Free - Sulfate Free - Paraben Free - Vegan - Handmade


The glass is recyclable. Our tubes are compostable and printed with vegetable ink. We hope you reuse the tube for storage!