Apolis - Ballard Market Bag

Apolis - Ballard Market Bag

13" wide, 18" high, 8" deep, with a 6" x 7" inside pocket

These long-lasting, reusable bags are made of 100% recyclable jute fiber, and feature waterproof lining and reinforced leather handles, which can hold up to 135 lbs.

Since 2009, Apolis has partnered with Saidpur Enterprises, a co-op of over 100 Bangladeshi artisans, to help build and international market for the elegant and resilient bags the co-op produces. Not only does the co-op provide fair-wage jobs for Bangladeshi  women, it also contributes a portion if its profits to social and educational projects in the community of Saidpur. 

Learn more: http://apol.is/bangladesh